Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2011
Go-Exchange Education Fair
27 April - 1 May 2011, Athens Classic Imperial Hotel, Athens, Greece,,


ERASMUS Intensive Programmes, Klara Engels-Perenyi, European Commission, Belgium 

The role and organisation of linguistic preparation of future ERASMUS Students, Klara Engels-Perenyi, European Commission, Belgium

Mobility of persons with special needs in ERASMUS, Klara Engels-Perenyi, European Commission, Belgium

An evaluation of ERASMUS Student Placements in terms of students' experiences and expectations for a more effective implementation of programme at Gazi University, Asuman Asik and Ekin Yildiz, Gazi University, Turkey

ERASMUS Program as a factor for curriculum development and methodology improvement, Rumen Uluchev, Bulgaria 

Buddy System-The first aid kit for International Student, Marje Songe, Estonia

Academic Performance of ERASMUS Students: The case of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Valencia, Pedro Jose Perez Vazquez, Spain 

Future EU Programmes on Education and Training-Lessons Learned and Improvements Needed





Increasing your employability through improving public speaking skills A Best Practice from Epoche Service Integrator, Luca Ferrato, Italy

Active Employment Policy in the Czech Republi, with particular attention to establishing of the so-called employment pact in the structurally affected more via Silesian Region, Sarka Prudka, Czech Republic

Career Guidance: A study of factors that influence student's choices for undergraduate studies, Aristos Constantinou, Cyprus

Job Placements Abroad: Added Value or Added Work-Load, Jolanta Valiaugiene

UETPNET: University Enterprise Training Partnership Networking Using Online Tools, Konstantinos Diamantis-Balaskas, Greece

Career Guidance and Equal Opportunity, Farkas Katalin, Hungary

ProInternet: Skills for Internet-Related Jobs, Achilles D. Kameas, Greece



















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