Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2011
Go-Exchange Education Fair
27 April - 1 May 2011, Athens Classic Imperial Hotel, Athens, Greece,,

Based on past experience the participation in ERACON conferences is eligible activity under OM:

“Institutions may decide the purposes for which the grant for OM is used, provided it is used on activities related to the support and organization of mobility and that they respect the basic eligibility conditions of any grant awarded by the Commission (i.e. accountable expenditure, eligibility period , etc.)”

During the Go-Exchange Fair each university could provide information to other universities on the programmes offered and arrangement for teacher and student mobility. The fair is expected to serve as a basis for further bilateral agreements between institutions as well as to set a new basis for staff training placements. Also, examples of good practice for the ERASMUS activities will be presented at the conference.

In past ERACON conferences participants used OM funding for their travel expenses without problem. Please consult your NA before using funds from your OM.

Also since the Go-Exchange Fair will serve as a basis for establishing bilateral agreements participants may be able to receive funding under the Preparatory Visits. Based on the LLP-Guidelines for applicants: “Preparatory visits are only eligible if their purpose is to establish cooperation with departments, faculties or institutions which have not been involved in Erasmus before. Particular attention should be given to visits aiming at laying the foundations for partnerships engaging the institutions as a whole in transnational cooperation agreements involving a range of disciplines.”

Please consult your LLP-NA.