Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2011
Go-Exchange Education Fair
27 April - 1 May 2011, Athens Classic Imperial Hotel, Athens, Greece,,

 The ERACON 2011 Conference is concluded with two stage Go-Exchange Education Fair through which each university can provide information to other universities on the programmes of studies offered and arrangements for teacher and student mobility, as weel as ERASMUS Student Placements and Staff Training Opportunities. The Fair serves as a basis for developing bilateral agreements between institutions and between institution and enterprises.

European enterprises are invited to participate in order to promote agreements to ERASMUS Placements. 



Go-Exchange Education Fair, Part A List, Thursday 28 April 2011
Go-Exchange Education Fair, Part B List, Friday 29 April 2011
All participants who plan to represent their university at the fair will have to indicate it in the on-line registration procedure. Please send your material on time by courier to the organizer address. There is no additional cost to participate in the fair, provided that you have registered and paid the registration fee.
Fee for Enterprises exhibitors is €600.

Please send packages for the Fair indicated for delivery between 11-26 April to:

Classical Athens Imperial Hotel
1, Achilleos & Meg. Alexandrou, Karaiskaki Square
10437, Athens, Greece
c/o Evangelia Simitzoglou
Box 1 of ?? (this information helps to check if all boxes have arrived)
T. +30 210 52 05 439
F. +30 210 52 25 521

You are also kindly requested to send a message indicating the name of yous institution and courie waybill number of your packages.