ERASMUS coordinators and other experts are invited to make presentations and submit written papers on their experiences in the themes above. Workshops and Sessions within the conference are also invited to discuss specific topics and to draw up concrete suggestions, which can be used by the EC (Education and Culture) in order to improve the ERASMUS programme in general.

The conference will be concluded with a two stage GO-Exchange ERASMUS Educational Fair through which each university could provide information to other universities on the programmes offered and arrangements for teacher and student mobility as well as ERASMUS student placements and staff training opportunities. The fair is expected to serve as a basis for further bilateral agreements between institutions and between institutions and Enterprises. European Enterprises are invited to participate in order to promote agreements for ERASMUS placements.

The registration deadline is 10 April 2009. The deadline for abstracts is 31 March 2009. Notification of acceptance of abstracts is within 10 days.