ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition 2013
ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition 2013

15-19 May 2013, Poznan, Poland
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(Papers do not have to be sent before the ERACON 2013, read text at the end of this section)

All papers must be at most TEN PAGES long including the references, the tables and the figures. Each page must be a single column A4 page. Margins on right-left must be 4cm each and on top-bottom 5 cm each (the full text should have dimensions very close to 13X19 cm vertical with full justification). The language to be used is English. 

The typeset must be TIMES NEW ROMAN. The title must be centered between the margins using TIMES 14pt, CAPITALS, BOLD SINGLE SPACE. Leave one blank line and then type the author(s) name(s) using TIMES 12 pt, BOLD. Underline the name of the presenting author. Directly below type the affiliation, address and email for each author using TIMES 10pt. Use asterisks (*,**,***) to correspond the name to his/her address. 

Leave four blank lines after the affiliation and address and type the work ABSTRACT using TIMES 12pt, CAPITALS, BOLD, CENTRED. Leave one blank line and type the abstract using TIMES 11pt, ITALICS, SINGLE SPACING (maximum ten lines). (An abstract in your own language may be included at the end of your paper to in another widely used European language).

Leave four blank lines after the abstract and begin to type the main text of your paper using TIMES 11pt, SINGLE SPACING. For sub-titles of sections or paragraphs within your paper use TIMES 12pt, CAPITALS BOLD. The sub-titles and the text are separated by one blank line.

The list of references must be placed at the end of the text. Please use the following format: Author name(s), Title of paper or book, Volume and pages or Publishing company, (year).

Please send a copy of your paper by email to and to by the end of June 2013. The paper must be in MS WORDS for Windows (PC Version) format. The EAEC Management Board will approve all papers to be published in electronic proceedings.


The proceedings for the ERACON 2013 will be published in electronic version by the end of November 2013