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The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC), announces the 12th annual ERASMUS CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION - ERACON2016, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from 10-14 May 2016 The 7th annual CAREER-EU Conference 2016 will be held in parallel. ERASMUS Coordinators, Placement and Internships Managers, Career Officers, Researchers and Professionals with an interest in the ERASMUS Programme and belong either to the academic or business world, are invited to participate in the Congress and to make presentations and submit written papers on their experiences in areas related to the ERASMUS Programme. Proposals for sessions and workshops within the Congress are also invited.

Each University could provide information to other Universities on the programmes offered and arrangements for academic and student mobility, as well as ERASMUS Student placements and staff training opportunities.

The idea is to reward the excellent poster designs that HEIs produce for ERASMUS Promotional purposes. To be eligible to participate in the Competition, a representative has to participate at the ERACON 2016. 

A top list of colleagues, who have been Erasmus Institutional Coordinators for more than 15 years or serving as Erasmus Institutional Coordinators since the beginning of the ERASMUS Programme in their country with minimun 10 years of service.

A top list of colleagues, who have been Erasmus Academic Coordinators for more than 5 years (non-continuous).

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