1. Erasmus+ Organisational Support Grant for the Beneficiary (OS)

According to the rules stated in the Erasmus+ Guide, the Organisational Support grant is a contribution to any cost incurred by the institutions, in relation to activities that support student and staff mobility activities, both inbound and outbound. These activities should comply with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in Programme Countries, and with the principles of the ECHE, as reflected in the inter institutional agreements agreed, in the case of institutions from Partner Countries. For example: the organisational arrangements with partner institutions, including visits to potential partners, to agree on the terms of the inter-institutional agreements for the selection, preparation, reception and integration of mobile participants. The participation of staff and teachers of HEIs in training activities and seminars aiming for the development of Erasmus+ principles and mobility procedures. The cooperation and implementation of mobility activities so as to update and keep active, the signed inter-institutional agreements.
Please check with your National Agency for any local rules regarding the use of the OS grant.

2. Erasmus Staff Training Grant (STW)

You can apply to participate and receive funding under the Erasmus Staff training scheme in two ways: 
Option 1. A 5 days ERASMUS staff week (STW)  organized by a local university in cooperation with EAEC and ERACON Congress. The ERASMUS staff week 
programme includes training workshops organized under the ERACON Congress in collaboration with the local/host University. Participants in the 
Erasmus Staff Week apply to the local university and register also at ERACON. A compulsory fee of 180 euro is required for taking part in the 
ERACON workshops
, which includes coffee breaks, meals and official ERASMUS Dinner. 
Information about the option 1 and contacts of a local university will be announced soon. 
Venue: Local University and ERACON Congress venue at Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece 
Option 2. An ERASMUS staff training (EST) of 3 days (28,29,30 June 2022) hosted by the European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators(EAEC). 
programme includes Internationalization of Education, European and International Mobility best practices, Accreditation/Evaluation, 
ERASMUS+ funding schemes for KA2 projects, Networking. The ERASMUS+ mobility funding allows 2 additional days for traveling, that is 3+2 = 5 days funding. 
A compulsory fee of 180 euro is required for taking part in the ERACON workshops, which includes coffee breaks, meals and official ERASMUS Dinner. 
Number of such places is limited. To apply for this EST click here 
Venue: ERACON Congress at Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece 
Maximum number of places available: 35 


For any questions about the possible funding, please send us an email at info@eracon.eu